2017 SKUNKs in'da Woods Rally,
Typhoon Watch
& Bear Scare-A-Thon

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June 3-4, 2017
Pioneer Village Museum, Cameron Wisconsin
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In Memoriam

Membership Cost = $00.00
Who can be a member? = Membership is very, very exclusive.  Only those who lives Nort' of anyone else can join.  So of course someone in Wisconsin is Nort' of folk in Florida, and folk in Florida are Nort' of those in Cuba.  And those in Cuba are Nort' of those in Brazil, and they are Nort' of those in Antarctica.  Folk in Antarctica are only Nort' of someone if there is a penguin sitting on the true South Pole and that poor penguin would not be allowed to be a SKUNK.   Also, you must have a sidecar, or be interested in sidecars, or know someone who has a sidecar, or have seen a sidecar, or even have seen a photo of a sidecar.  If you've never even heard the term "sidecar" then you needn't apply for membership.  Of course we'd have to let you in after you've read this rule, eh?  Motorcycle ownership is NOT a criteria.
SKUNK rules:  Be civil, be courageous and don't raise a stink.


For more rally information call (715) 458 -0894
or email - hahnda2@gmail.com

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