2004 January Gatherin' of SKUNKs


Click thumbnail for larger view (photos by Sheldon Aubut)
Jennifer with skunk hat Jennifer with Skunk hat Jerry's flask Jerry's flask
Chippewa Al's new Hannigan Chippewa Al's new Hannigan Chippewa Al and his new Hannigan Jerry, the Grand Phew Baahh
Uptown Al and Mike with the Grand Phew Baahh Jerry and Mike Uptown Al, Jerry and Chippewa Al Jen, Mike and Kevin
Chippewa Al's "Jude" Uptown Al Mary Ann (Uptown Al's, Honda 70 sidecar rig riding, wife)  
(photos by Gust Jensen)
Sheldon & Jerry comparing haircuts Bootlegged Kevin Jerry, Uptown AL, Mike, Jen, Sheldon Sheldon, Kevin, Mary Ann, Chippewa Al, Judy
Mike admires Chippewa Al's new Hannigan      





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2004 January Gathering of SKUNKs

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