Various SKUNK sighting

2007 Spring Run Off

Photos by Gust Jenson
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ome people recycle bathtubs with statuary in the front lawn.

thers turn washers into flower pots.

lephant Trunk Rock

Wolf's Head Rally
but on the 2001 Wolf’s Head, the future Grandee Pheweeebah provided the real thing

e were going to ride trikes, not buy sofas.

he traditional cemetery.
Rural Road 55 in the light rain – can you tell?
Rural Road 56


2007 Air, Water and 'under' Ground Rally

Photos by Gust Jenson
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We had planned a hot air, which somehow seems appropriate for SKUNKs, at dawn but there was too much, wind, that is so we went the opposite direction. Luckily the fence kept the cave trolls at bay.

nyone leave a trail of cookie crumbs?

From the upper deck of our paddle wheeler , looking down on the lesser ones.

Dinner time and it must be Venice, a gondola tis espied.

Land Ho!!! After dinner. Burp!!!
Arrived home to find an addition to next winters fuel supply had been dropped off in the driveway.



Photos by Gust Jenson
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Sad tribute to American education. Three well educated, men of distinguished demeanor, parked in front of a no parking sign at Rider’s Warehouse. Their 3rd grade teacher would not be proud of them.

Some of us park appropriately, although Jim seems to be missing a wheel.

Why is this man looking at the man kneeling next to his rig? Kevin isn’t here, is he?

Aha, a jack, that explains it. Kevin is here, in spirit.

And above the common and greasy handed masses the queen of the lemon meringue takes her leisure

What? Something else broken. Tisk, tisk. The man simply has no will power. Buy, buy, buy.
A SKUNK occurrence occurred yesterday and today.  (June 27-28, 2007)

Jim, Wayne and Gust attended an exchange of monies at Aerostich, traveling via Jerry's of County Highway A.

The day began, out of bed and on the road to Perkins in Rice Lake where Dimly Lit was met for breakfast. Following breakfast, with a farewell wave in Kevin's general direction and leaving my hat at Perkins, we proceeded northward, Dimly leading so as to show off his new GPS. It worked and found north, as did my compass, and only provided misdirection several times (my compass remained steady).

After an hour or so on the road, under a blue sky and warm, not hot, sun, my engine stopped and when downshifting the shift lever fell off the pivot. And so it goes. Turns out I ran out of gas. Out of gas at 72 miles when I used to go 100 before hitting reserve. Well what has changed? Have removed big flat windscreens from tub and tug. Smaller lower screen on tub and (supposedly) streamlined fairing on tug last several fills of 10% alcohol and, of course the infernal rear auto tyre which 'tis about an inch less in diameter and Dimly had been pushing MPH as lead. which is about 500 more rpm than I usually run (62-77, the Virago "sweet spot").

Transferred fuel from cell, avoided alcohol and reduced speed the rest of the trip to eliminate (some) variables. Found mpg increased a bit but still less than Pre fairing and smaller tyre. May have to make a choice between better handling of auto tire with poorer mpg or return to bike tyre. Of course could also try with fairing off but methinks it 'tis the tyre.

Shift lever lost a bolt so it just came loose. Was held in place as long as foot on floor board, but had been riding (as result of sore knee) with leg/foot up on hiway peg. Quick fix with roadside debris. (Reminder: replace small roll of 'lectric fence wire in tool kit and add some bubble gum to kit) and on to Jerry's.

Said hello to dogs and Judy (not in that order) and shortly we all left for Riders Warehouse. Given DL's new status as a member of the "Wing Tribe" the mandatory stop ad DQ was made.

$pent money at $titch: bought waterproof tank bag, waterproof saddle bags, waterproof handle bar switch, waterproof/sealed relays, boot repair/waterproofing. I do learn, usually quite slowly but do, upon occasion, learn.

Back to Jerry's where he put his weapons of mass destruction skills to good use on my rig and wired an ammeter for me. He must have done it right as no mushroom shaped cloud appeared when started the bike. Hopefully this plus the new heavy duty stator will help reduce the likelihood of going through 2 stator in 6 months again. Of course there tis always the Ural for winter driving ;-).

Since Kevin was not in attendance, Wayne decided to take his bike apart.

An excellent dinner with home made lemon meringue pie (Thanks again Judy), Jim Left and a pleasant evenings patio discussion with no insects. Wayne and I shared a room (he snores) and he had to get on the road early for a 6 hour trip (did I say he has a new GPS) for a meeting. I turned over and slept until a more civilized hour.

Up, coffee with Jerry and Judy and on the road again. About a half hour out met a bear which was going to stop and offer a Slim Jim to whilst warning him about playing in traffic he he galumphed on across the median of 53, much to the discomfort of a semi driver who braked rather hard. An hour or so later, a bit after returning to claim the misplaced hat of yesterday, and quite close to the First Annual SKUNK Rally and Typhoon watch site, a couple of deer exhibited their usual indecisiveness about crossing the road, so I had to slow sharply all the while making frantic motions to the traffic behind and before me. No one needs to be rear ended or swerved into because of deer.

And so to home, unpacking sending "Occurrence" pictures to Sheldon and thoughts of Kevin.

Gust, who wonders when Kevin will be home so he can deliver stuff.

For sale, proceeds go to help feed the dogs




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