SKUNKs in'da Snow

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Gust havin' fun

Gust on Sheldon's Ural

Sheldon's Ural

Gust on Sheldon's Ural

Kevin taking Jena for a spin in her soon to be new sidecar rig.

Gust at the Nort' Pole

Gust's rig going to the Nort' Pole

Gust's rig coming back from the Nort' Pole

Gust still on Sheldon's Ural

Sheldon finally gets to ride his own bike in deep snow

Sheldon with his Russian "almost full-face" goggles

Sheldon in two-wheel drive

Gust again



Chippewa Al

Les.  Yes he is in there!

Now this is an unusual sidecar rig, and one ice!!!

Growing up in Duluth with a Dad who owned a Service Station one tends to learn winter driving and riding tricks about the time you crawl out of the crib.

#1 RULE... The first thing you learn. The most important thing you learn:  IS... Keep the gas tank full, right to the top. Always stop at a gas station and fill up before parking for the night. If you keep it full up, unless you get a load a water from the gas station pump, you will never have condensation. Leaving moist air in the tank is a huge no-no, and just asking to have those little ice crystals form in the carb.

#2... If you don't have a heated garage don't wash the vehicle when it is below freezing, ever.  Salt in suspension is 10000 times more corrosive than dried caked on salt. Of course if you have a heated storage space then it is ok to wash the vehicle as long as it has time to truly dry out before hitting the cold again.

#3... Storage???? Why??? Bikes are made to be ridden, and they make all kinds of really warm clothes. I've never owned any of that fancy Aerostitch or other cold weather riding gear.  Just layering clothes has always worked for me. (Aerostitch = More Duluth nut jobs: Andy Goldfine, the owner of the company is the only person I've known who has ridden a motorcycle across Lake Superior in the deep of winter, and on a Honda 500 Ascot thumper.) If you are storing your bike in the winter you are wasting a perfectly good motorcycle, and if yours is just to "precious" (Lord of the Rings "precious" eh?) go buy yourself a winter beater.

#4... Bring a cell phone, so you can call wreckers for all the 4X4 cars and trucks that are stuck in the ditches. Although if you have a two-wheel-drive Ural Sportsman or Patrol you can pick up a little extra cash if you pack a tow strap and jumper cables.

#5... I forget what #5 was but I'm sure it is good advise so just do it...

Sheldon Aubut
SKUNK #000001



SKUNKs in'da Snow

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