SKUNKs infest St. Croix Harley Davidson / Ural
May 12, 2007 (The year of the SKUNK 4)
Photos and text by Sheldon Aubut

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It is a good thing that I'm broke right now or I'd be having to explain to Patti why there is a new 2007 Ural "Gear Up" two-wheel-drive sidecar rig in the garage.

Piero Bassi holds court

Piero his usual animated self while he tells how he locked me (Sheldon) our of our shared motel room one night at the 2005 SKUNK rally and how not being able to wake him up I didn't get caught by a passing cop or photographer while I climbed in through a slightly ajar window.

It is a common gesture of "good luck" to give a biker friend a Karma Bell but Gust "Gruby" Jenson gets a gift more fitting to his station in the motorcycling world.

If I ever have a sidecar rig again I do so hope I can have one with a nice leading-link front end like on Kevin's rig.

Wayne & Son (Travis) trying to figure out what they've now gotten themselves into by following Gust around.

Al Olme's awesome BMW Ural combination


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